Smokefree Sheffield Launch

Published at 10 August, 2018.

Smokefree Sheffield

The aim of the service is to help people quit smoking for good and develop a future where no-one can remember the last time they knew someone who started smoking.

The event gave residents of Sheffield an opportunity to receive free stop smoking advice and find out more about the Smokefree Sheffield service, there were even some freebies handed out too!

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council

We all know that smoking is bad for you, who doesn’t know that? But we forget the services that are available to us, we forget the whole package of interventions that we’ve got in Sheffield and what Smokefree Sheffield is doing is bringing it all together.

See the video from the day here


You're four times more likely to stop smoking with our support from Yorkshire Smokefree. If you need help, give us a call today on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 660 1166 (free from most mobiles). 

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