Ramadan Detoxification Stage 1 (Days 1-7)

Published at 30 March, 2023.

Ramadan Lantern

During the first couple of days of fasting both blood sugar level and blood pressure drop. Glycogen gets pulled from the muscles, which causes some weakness and can also cause nausea, headaches and dizziness. Hunger pangs can get quite intense during this time.

By the third day, the body starts to get used to the fast. The digestive system gets the rest that it needs, so the body’s energies get directed towards cleansing the body of toxins and healing, causing activity in the immune system to increase.

Fats in the body are converted to glucose for energy at this stage. Rancid oils start to excrete from the body, leaving skin with pimples for a few days. This is a normal part of the purging process.

“Ramadan is a time of abstinence and discipline from dawn to sunset, if you are fasting you will be going without a cigarette, shisha or other tobacco products for almost 16 hours every day which is a huge achievement, but you could also quit for good and feel the long term benefits.

People often don’t realise that nicotine patches can be used throughout fasting to combat cravings and sprays, chewing gum and other oral products can be used once the fast is broken.

When cravings are at their peak, try to look for distractions, whether that is doing the washing up straight after your meal or avoiding food you associate with cigarettes.”

If you want to stop smoking this Ramadan our specially trained NHS Advisors are friendly, approachable, and non-judgemental and we can support you to take the first step. Our service is available in Gujarati, Urdu, Panjabi and other languages.

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