Stop Smoking Success in Sheffield

Published at 08 August, 2019.

stop smoking clinic moor market sheffield

Over 1,100 people successfully stopped smoking in Sheffield in 2018/19. Why not join in with their success and become smokefree too!

Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield has a dedicated venue in Sheffield City Centre based in the Sheffield Moor Market, staffed 6 days a week by experienced Smoking Cessation Advisors offering a free*, confidential, non judgemental 12 week programme of support to help you become one of the thousands of Sheffield’ers who are now non smokers. Here is what 2 of Sheffield’s successful quitters had to say….


Joanne has smoked 20 a day for over 14 years, she wanted to feel more healthy but needed a ‘kick start’ so signed for smoking cessation support;

The advisor was great, listened and understood my strange smoking logic, the triggers that made me want a cigarette etc. You have to be determined but I would recommend this support as I am 10 weeks without smoking and won’t start again!


Steve a smoker of over 30 years successfully stopped smoking with support and medication and hasn’t looked back since;

The team were excellent, they understood what it feels like to quit and provided support and advice when I was craving, I now have more energy than ever before, have taken up weight training and feel great also I have saved over £500. Don’t think about it just do it.

*subject to applicable prescription charges.


moor market sheffield stop smoking



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