Sheffield Smokefree will help any smoker that lives in Sheffield to stop using tobacco.  We provide advice, motivational and behavioural support, as well as information about and access to licensed stop smoking medications such as nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, Sheffield is now also able to issue vapes for up to 12 weeks for those smokers who wish to quit or switch. 

There is increasing evidence that e-cigarettes are effective in helping smokers stop smoking tobacco, and that getting support from a stop smoking service increases the liklihood that you will quit smoking using an e-cigarette.

So if you would like help to stop smoking tobacco, and you want to use an e-cigarette, please call 0114 5536296


For more information on the use of e-cigarettes to stop smoking please visit the NHS Choices website: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/quit-smoking/using-e-cigarettes-to-stop-smoking/


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