What was your main reason for accessing the service?

I was ready to stop smoking again as I only started after 7 years of being smokefree, due to lockdown. I just didn't want to smoke anymore.

Did you believe you could achieve 4 weeks Smokefree?

I knew it would work out for me and that I could do it as I had done it before and lasted 7 years smokefree. I knew the medication worked for me.

Have you used stop smoking medication to help you quit?

Yes used Champix medication

How helpful did you find it?

Yes very helpful and really does work

Apart from medication, what else helped you to quit and stay smokefree?

Speaking to my advisor Nic on a regular basis, giving me the support and encouragement. My partner who also smoked switched to a vape instead of smoking and this has also helped.

Did you vist the Yorkshire Smokefree website?


Has your health improved since you quit and if so, in what ways?

I have noticed that I can get up the hills quicker where I live. My breathing has improved.

Other than health, have you achieved anything since quitting that you couldn't do whilst smoking?


Has the current lockdown helped with your quit or has this made quitting harder?

Lockdown was part of the reason for me starting smoking again. I would say lockdown has really made it harder or easier to quit to be honest.

What have you found helpful accessing the service via the Telephone?

Years ago when I stopped I have had to visit my GP practice face to face every week and it was very to fit this in whilst working too. I had to attend very early morning appointments and really wasn't ideal. Having support appointments over the phone has made it so much easier to access, with working people like myself and makes much more sense.

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